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    An Internet Marketing Love Story

    In his own words:

    A year after we got together, I told Brendon that I met Murray at his event and he made me swear to give him a million dollars if we had a baby. I now know the secret of how Brendon Burchard makes over $10M/year…. :)

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    Podcasting for Business

    The Top 3 Reasons to Use Podcasting for Business by Kris Gilbertson

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    2. Traffic – Leads – Sales – oh my!

    The unique power of a podcast is that people get to take you with them on the go. Which allows them to consume your content when they want, where they want and on which ever device they want.

    Freedom to Be You

    They filmed themselves when they were feeling silly or philosophical or just plain frustrated…

    Here are some highlights from the 30 Day Video Challenge….

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